Helping is a
natural instinct.

A call to humanity made by animals

Cats raising ducklings, cows feeding piglets, dogs rescuing birds. They’re all fascinating stories we’ve shared on social media and have made for headlines on newspapers. But, why is it so amazing to see a species helping another species if we humans, the most intelligent of all, can do the same with very little?

For Banc d’Aliments’ 10th edition of El Gran Recapte, we called on all humans to awaken their most natural instinct and participate in the biggest food collection in Catalunya. By showcasing the tender videos of helping animals we all adore, we wanted to remind everyone a small gesture can make a huge impact.




Client team:
Belén Giménez, Sabine Hindersin

Client contact:
Juanma Falcón - Acme

Creative Direction:
Jaume Leis, Hugo Olivera

Art Direction
Jaume Leis, Javier Fernández

Enya Murphy

Aïda Vendrell

Hello Blua


Dani Ferrer

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